Loyang 6 Pointers at 2015 O Level


Chloe Tan

7A1s, 6 points 



I am a proud graduate of Loyang Secondary. After all, the school played a big part motivating me to succeed. Its rigorous revision programs gave me the drive to excel. Sometimes, the urgency of ‘O’ Levels would escape me and I would start to slack. Yet, the countless material given out by my teachers would nudge me back on track, reminding me that I could not afford to waste time. Motivated to succeed, I always gave my 110%. Such was my routine in my secondary 4 year: in the mornings, I would wake up 1 hour earlier to do a quick revision. On weekends, I would dedicate at least 6 hours per day to studying. Having such a routine was not the easiest, and at times, I was tempted to give up. Yet, I found a way to overcome that. I found great motivation and joy in the small things in life: the jokes made in class by friends, the small rewards our principal Mr Lee gave, the praise and encouragement of teachers. All these kept me going. If you were to ask me for advice on how to do well in your O levels, I’d say this: quickly find your own motivation to succeed and hold onto it for your dear life. It will be worth it! 


Motivated to succeed, I always gave my 110%.” 





Yong Yan Minn

6A1s, 6 points


In my O level year, the school’s intensive revision programmes kept me going, and prevented me from getting side-tracked. Every morning, we Yan Minh.jpgwould report earlier to school for enrichment classes and tutorials were arranged after school. These provided us plenty of opportunities for practice and revision. Yet, it was not just the rigorous programmes but also the people that fuelled my success. Familial support and love was a crucial factor that strengthened my determination to succeed. Teachers, who always stood by me, also served as a motivation to keep me going. After all, I wanted to make my teachers proud. With gracious hearts, the teachers toiled alongside us, marked our extra practices, and met us for consultation to allow us to clarify our doubts. It was because of them that the idea of giving up never crossed my mind. To my juniors who read this, it is now your opportunity to shine. Find the motivation that belongs to you and be assured that your day of success is not far away. Your dreams shall no longer be just dreams - it is now your turn to make these dreams come true. It was in Loyang Secondary School that I learnt to stand strong with perseverance and march towards my dreams. I set foot in Loyang two years ago, an international student from Malaysia. Worries overwhelmed me and feelings of uncertainty abounded. Yet, instead of being discriminated, I was welcomed with open arms by the Loyang family spirit. My classmates cared for me with open hearts while teachers assisted me whenever I needed help. 


“With gracious hearts, the teachers toiled alongside us. It was because of them that the idea of giving up never crossed my mind.”